Forest Green
School (K–6)

Dress Code

Forest Green School recognizes that students should be able to express themselves in age-appropriate ways, which includes their clothing choices. In an effort to support an appropriate learning environment for all and to help our students learn to make good, independent decisions about their clothing, Forest Green uses a dress code.

The following guidelines are meant to help identify and establish consistent expectations for how our students dress:

  • Dress appropriately for the weather
  • All undergarments must be covered, as well as midriffs (stomach area)
  • Individuals may not wear clothing that shows or promotes alcohol, drugs, inappropriate language or hate towards other groups, racism or violence.
  • Clothing and related apparel cannot be intimidating to others.

It is expected that these guidelines will evolve with time and changes in fashion.

Should staff feel that a student is dressed in a way that does not meet these expectations, the student may be asked to change, cover or alter how they are dressed by staff. It is expected that a student will be coached by staff as to why they are not meeting the dress code, and that parents will also be notified of the concern.