Forest Green
School (K–6)

CTF Options

Forest Green School has a wide variety of options courses. Whether you're into music, leadership or art, there's something for you!

The following options will be offered to Grade 5 & 6 students for each term of the school year. Students will make their option choices in class, and we will do our best to accommodate their choices while maintaining reasonable class sizes.

Note: Some options have a fee associated with them; please refer to this year's selections below for costs.

Tuesday Block 6 & 7 Options

Synth Pop Music Composing - Mr. Craig

Using computer-based technology, students will become familiar with synthesizer-based music. Basic piano keyboarding will be taught along with the technical skills of composing synth music.

Cost: None

French 5 - Miss Grey

Students in Grade 5 will explore the French language and culture by looking at a variety of topics and practicing functional French.

Cost: None

Leadership - Mr. Partington

What does it take to be an effective leader? In this challenge, you will organize and implement school events and community service opportunities. The events you plan will reflect the needs of our school and community and will help build Forest Green's identity. 

Cost: None

STEAM - Mrs. St. Pierre / Mrs. Dickson

STEAM is the abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math. In this option, we will explore these areas by building and creating projects and activities to inspire new passions and talents.

Cost: $15

Piano Lab - Ms. Jenkins

Students will be taught basic piano skills to develop or improve their skills at their own pace.

Cost: $10

Wednesday Block 6 & 7 Options

Outdoor Education - Mr. Irvine

If you enjoy being outside, learning more about nature and what you can do in the natural world in terms of recreation, and generally enjoying yourself in our environment, then this option is for you!

You will learn about the natural world right outside your door, around your school, in the community and beyond: real-world knowledge you can take on your next camping trip or family excursion. The forest awaits you with Mr. I and the Outdoor Education option.

Cost: $15

Guitar Music - Mr. Craig

Whether you're brand new to playing the guitar, or just want to brush up on the basics, this option is the best place to start. Students will learn about chord patterns and fingerwork as these relate to guitar/ukulele in multiple musical styles.

Cost: $15

Crafternoon - Mrs. St. Pierre / Mr. Partington

Explore, experiment and enjoy the art of crafting. Students will build a variety of hands-on, creative skills in this option.

Cost: $5

French 6 - Miss Grey

Students in Grade 6 will explore the French language and culture by looking at a variety of topics and practicing functional French.

Cost: None

Music Genre Studies - Mrs. Jenkins

Students will learn about music from various genres to increase their musical awareness and appreciation.

Cost: None

Thursday Block 6 & 7 Options

Orff Ensemble - Mrs. Jenkins

Students will explore the use of multiple Orff instruments including xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels, recorders and drums to accompany songs.

Cost: None

Percussion Music - Mr. Craig

Whether you are an expert drummer or you just want to learn, this option is for you!

Cost: Free

Creating With Clay - Mrs. Meyer

Students will learn techniques for working with clay while they plan, create, fire and paint their own clay creations.

Cost: $15

Innovate - Mrs. St. Pierre / Mrs. Dickson

What is your passion? Through weekly challenges, centers and building materials, students will be encouraged to discover, explore and build on their passion. Green screen technology will be included in this option.

Cost: None

Languages - Mr. Partington

Travel Survival!  Learn some of the most important phrases for travellers in multiple languages. Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, Japanese, and French will all be explored, and opportunities will be made to learn other languages as well.

Cost: None