Forest Green
School (K–6)


Pet Therapy with Miss Hobbins & Oliver

A message from Grade 1 Teacher Miss Hobbins:

My dog and I have become a Pet Therapy team with the Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta and I am so excited to now bring pet therapy into the classroom and school.

My dog’s name is Oliver. He is a 6 year old Bichon/Shi-Tzu and is hypoallergenic. He will primarily be in my Grade 1 classroom providing pet therapy to all of my Grade 1 students as well as any other students I work closely with through ELI.

The other students in the school will mainly be given a chance to interact with Oliver during recess times (especially when he is out on supervision with me) and/or when passing each other in the hallway.

Currently we are also providing pet therapy to the seniors living at Kiwanis Place Lodge and have provided pet therapy at the Young Offenders Centre and the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital as part of our practicum sessions.

Here is an excerpt taken from the Pet Therapy Society’s website that further explains the purpose and benefits of pet therapy:

The Mission of the Pet Therapy Society is to provide to the community safe and effective Animal Assisted Activities and Programs. The Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta recognizes that the commitment of its volunteers is vital to the success of its Mission.

The Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta was created to provide the benefits of the human-animal bond that is well documented in medical, psychological and social literature.

At all stages throughout our lives animal companionship can stimulate sensitivity and learning. In adolescents, involvement in animal assisted activities (AAA) can add a perspective not usually available in many non-pet home or classroom situations. Interaction with companion animals can involve values, morals, modes of behaviour, attitudes and self-examination as well as skills. While the focus is on the human-animal relationship, other aspects including environmental issues, personal health and safety and cooperative learning may also be associated.

Members volunteer their personal time along with their pets to provide animal assisted therapy and animal assisted activity programs.

Please feel free to contact me at or check out the website if you have any further questions. 


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