Forest Green
School (K–6)


Board Meeting Highlights - November 28, 2017

November 29, 2017 - The Board of Trustees is pleased to share with all education stakeholders the highlights of our recent Board meeting held on Tuesday, November 28, 2017. The adopted minutes will be available on our website following the next Regular Board meeting.


  • The Board approved the 2016-17 Audited Financial Statement presented by Associate Superintendent Corporate Supports and Services Claire Jonsson and Director of Financial Services, Jason Krefting.  Highlights include:
    • Revenues over the previous year show an increase of $2.2 million (+1.8%)
    • Expenditures over the previous year show an increase of $2.9 million (+2.3%)
    • The cost of educating 10,968 students was $127.3 million
    • The single largest classroom expenditure was for staff salaries and benefits. The average teaching cost was
      $112,710 ($101,225 excluding Alberta Teachers Retirement Fund costs). This accounted for 70.6% of all
      instructional expenses
    • Parkland’s annual operating surplus is $954,950 which relates to a surplus from operations of $936,264 and a
      surplus from School Generated Funds of $18,686. The total accumulated surplus from operations is $ 6,112,843
      which includes $912,532 from School Generated Funds and $ 943,768 unrestricted 
    • PSD’s capital reserves amount to $4.0 million
    • Capital projects initiated during 2016-2017 included:
      • Copperhaven School Centre ($6.6M)
      • Prescott Learning Centre Furniture and Equipment ($597K)
      • Relocation of modulars to Duffield School ($577K)
  • Independent auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, represented by Jeff Baker, delivered a clean audit opinion that the financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of Parkland School Division No. 70 as at August 31, 2017 and the results of its operations, cash flows, change in net debt and remeasurement gains and losses for the year in accordance with Canadian public sector accounting standards.  
  • The Board approved Parkland School Division’s 2016-2017 Annual Education Results Report (AERR) as presented by Associate Superintendent Scott Johnston. The AERR for 2016-2017 addresses the previous year's achievement on each of the Alberta Education goals and its success in improving results using the strategies developed by education stakeholders. The accountability results guide the decisions and focus areas for the upcoming Three-Year Education Plan and inform the assurance process by providing quantitative data to qualitative measures.
  • The Board received as information the Engaging Students Through School Attendance Report as presented by Parkland School Division's Attendace Officer Carmen Mykula.

Next Regular Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at 9:30 a.m., Centre for Education