Forest Green
School (K–6)


Student Safety

January 19, 2018 - In Parkland School Division and here at Forest Green School, we are a caring and compassionate organization - guided by what's in the best interest of students. We are committed to providing safe and caring places for all students to learn. Occasionally we like to remind our parents about where to look for important information on student safety. There are some great resources available in the 'Our Parents' section of our website and specifically the Student Safety page on our website.

Another great resource is our Parent Handbook which is electronically available on our website as well.

If issues arise that are serious in nature and a parent feels that police involvement is necessary, parents are always encouraged to report directly to the RCMP but to also keep the school informed. We have a terrific working relationship with many wrap around supports and services agencies, including a direct link to the RCMP, where we will assist with their investigative efforts, if necessary, and take their lead on any communication required.

For more information contact:
Forest Green School
Phone: 780-963-7366


Travis McNaughton
Principal, Forest Green School/Connections for Learning