Forest Green
School (K–6)


Is Your Child Interested in Cross-Country Running?

The cross-country running season is starting right away! 

Cross-country running is open to all students from K-Gr. 6. Students interested in participating have the opportunity to represent our school in 3 races after school. The cost is $5 per race and parents must arrange their own transportation to have their students participate at the races. The races are about 1km in length and they will be running with other students that are the same age and gender as them.

We will run practices on Wednesdays at lunch recess where all students are welcome (even those who aren't going to the races). For training, students will be running laps around the school (4 laps equal to 1 km). 

If your child is interested in participating in the cross-country races, please return the permission slip and payment as soon as possible. Payment for the races are required by September 11. You can click this link to view the Cross-Country Permission Letter or request a paper copy via the school. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.