Forest Green
School (K–6)


September 14 - News Update

Community BBQ and Meet The Teacher Night - September 20

Everyone is invited to come to the school on September 20 for a free hot dog and fixings in front of the school with desert to follow in the classroom afterward. The community BBQ will begin at 5:00 and the dessert in your child's classroom will be at 6:00. This is an opportunity to connect with your child’s new teacher, or say hi to anyone else involved in their education. You can get to know other members of your community and celebrate the start of another successful school year.

Community Connections

For new families, parent /caregivers , we have a Community Support Worker Jenn Goulden on staff, whose role is to support students, families and teaching staff in a variety of different ways at Forest Green School. These supports include classroom presentations, support groups (grief, loss, divorce, social skills, anger management), parent consultations (Triple Parenting program, parent learning opportunities) and community resource materials.  Parent Learning Opportunities can be found on the Forest Green public website. On the website you will find a description, location and date/times of the workshops. Please feel free to email at or call the school at  780-963-7366. Although she has set office hours, it is possible to make arrangements to meet outside of these hours, if necessary.  If you would like to have a short chat, feel free to drop by if you notice that that she is in, Jenn is located in the main office.

Hot Lunch Ordering

Thank-you to our amazing volunteers organized our hot lunch program this year! Reminder that Hot lunch orders are due Thursday, September 20th. For more information about the Hot Lunch Program and for ordering details please visit this link

Upcoming Dates and Highlights

Reminder that you can visit our Public School Calendar to keep track of upcoming dates 

  • September 18-19 - Picture Days
  • September 20 - Meet the Teacher Night
    • 5:00 - Community BBQ
    • 6:00 - Meet the Teacher
  • September 20 - Hot Lunch Orders are Due