Forest Green
School (K–6)


Shehnaz Wierenga

Diverse Learning Needs - FNMI Liaison

780-722-3950 (cell) OR 780-963-1636 (school office)
About Me

I am proud to be part of the Forest Green team. I wear a few different hats at the school, including FNMI Liaison/Support, Literacy Intervention Coordinator, as well as manager of our supplemental meals and supplies programs.

I love working with children, families, literacy, and culture. Through my varied roles, I strive to create a safe, nurturing environment that fosters learning and values diversity. I’m passionate about supporting kids to overcome challenges, find their strengths, and become the best versions of themselves.

My husband and I live in Stony Plain, and share many interests, including hiking, traveling, exploring nature, music, and current affairs. In my spare time, I also enjoy reading, yoga, and gardening.